Harmonica Pocket Links:

We love the Family and Friends

The Family and Friends:

  • kindiependent.com
    A collective of bands who are passionate about cultivating a vibrant kids and family music scene in the Pacific Northwest.
  • devilspursediary.com
    Hannah Viano is the Seattle-based artist who created the papercuts in the artwork for Sundrops. She publishes books and posts interesting photos and sketches on her blog.
  • matthewporterart.com
    Matthew created the paintings in the artwork for Ladybug One and Apple Apple.  His other work is supercool.
  • braveintuitiveyou.com
    Flora Bowley's paintings are featured in the artwork for Birds Falling from the Sky.  She is doing amazing work.
  • chalkboxstudio.com
    Chalkbox Creative created the harmonicapocket.com website, does a lot of our graphic design & provides ongoing support. We highly recommend them for any graphic design projects you have. They're just good.
  • jonryser.com
    Jon arranges horns for our albums. Sometimes we invite him on stage to play the pretty parts he writes. See what he's got to say for himself
  • Bcollective.org
    When Nala Walla isn't singing or dancing with The Harmonica Pocket, this is what she's up to.
  • babypantsmusic.com (Seattle, WA)
    Casper Babypants is full of snappy rhymes, clean harmonies, and tidy arrangements. He has songs that sound like tiny, dizzy carnivals, songs about archetypal bugs and animals, and a few chill lullabies. Gentle with tempo.  We're into it.
  • lindasevert.com (Edmonds, WA)
    Blending music and clown.  Wonderfully silly!
  • recessmonkeytown.com (Seattle, WA)
    When the Dalai Lama came through Seattle he called Recess Monkey to open for him.  
  • johnnybregar.com (Seattle, WA)
    Rootsy, jazzy, bluesy tunes for families with kids. Johnny co-produced Sundrops with us. A great musician and a very sweet man.
  • wearethenot-its.com (Seattle, WA)
    Punky Rock songs for kiddos.
  • gustaferyellowgold.com (New York, NY)
    Turn up your speakers and take a little break with these wonderfully weird and absolutely unique music videos.
  • humanjazz.com (Seattle, WA)
    You have to check out Christian Swenson. His vocals were featured on the Harmonica Pocket song Pocketful.
  • charliepost.com (Somewhere, VA)
    Big voice, poignant words, good stuff. I hope he keeps making records.
  • arithemc.bandcamp.com
    We recorded a version of Ari Lesser's tune Sun Song on our album Sundrops. He is a prolific writer and spoken word artist.
  • www.songwritingworks.org
  • mbira.org (Berkeley, CA)
    A non-profit whose educates people about traditional Shona music of Zimbabwe. Check out their site to purchase a Shona thumb piano called an Mbira or to order some traditional Mbira music.
  • cdrecyclingcenter.org
    Don't send your dead cds to the landfill.  This site gives info on how to recycle scratched cds, dvds, and their cases.
  • ptguide.com
    The local scoop on what's happening around Port Townsend.

If you dig The Harmonica Pocket you
(may not have heard of, and)
will probably also enjoy:

  • The Spinanes
    Sorry, the best we could do was a wikipedia page.  "Manos" is a great album .
  • Lila Nelson
    If Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen in his "Nebraska" days had a baby girl who grew up to write pretty songs....

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